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Online Hindi Typing Test

we provide an quick and easy way to test your typing speed and accurracy just click on the start button and start the test. The words used in this hindi typing test are the most common hindi words which you are familer with.Pracitce more and more and get success in government examination.

How does it work ?

Type as many word as you can in the textfield within fixed time period that you have selected then we will show you your typing speed in GDPM (Gross word per minuite) and NWPM (Net word per minuite) while typing and after test you will receive your overall performance card, so you can judge your typing skills. Type the correct word in the text field as much as possible and we will also show you, typing speed, accuracy, error rate or incorrect typed words. If you have typed an incorrect word, it will be highlighted in red and your speed will also decrease, so try to make at least mistakes. In the Progress Bar, we provide real typing data that you can check your typing progress. During the typing test, you will get your result as a WPM-value, The word WPM stands for words per minute (the amount of words you can type exactly in a minute). Typing speed calculation is based on a widely accepted method, in which five keystrokes will be considered as single word. As soon as the test timer runs out, you will receive your test progress card and you will be able to check your typing skills.

How to start a Hindi typing test ?

To start Hindi typing test, enter your name, select time and keyboard and click on the Start button. After that a test window will open, To check your typing speed, click on the text field and type the blue highlighted Hindi word and press SPACE to start the test automatically that you can check your progress in real-time.

About this -

We provide an online Hindi typing test software which is completely free. To use it you do not need to download it, just click on the Start button and check your typing skills. Most government exams use two types of keyboards, but only one type of keyboard is available on another website. For this reason we have provided you two types of keyboards. You can choose the keyboard according to your need and by doing daily practice, you can get success in the exam.

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