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Hindi Text Editor

Type the Latin letters which are phonetically similar to Hindi letters, with this tool they will automatically be converted to Hindi. For example if you want to type "नमस्ते" in Hindi then you have to type 'namaste'.
If you are looking for an easy way to 'Hindi typing' then this website is best for you. We provide Hindi Editor which enables you to type Hindi words fast and accurate.

Hindi Typing

Typing is an art by which you can empower your thoughts. By typing, you can keep your thoughts on the computer screen and share it anywhere. With the help of Typing, bloggers keep their ideas in front of everyone in this infinite world of Internet.
Although Typing is done in almost all languages, But Hindi typing has its own importance, because Hindi language is the national language of India. All official works in India are done in Hindi or English language. So if you want to type in Hindi, then this website is a very good place for you. With the help of our tool you can easily type in Hindi because you don't have to remember complicated Hindi keyboard. Just type a word in English and get results in Hindi.
Our tool uses Google's API package "Transliteration" which is very fast and accurate. There is a text field that we have provided in which you type any English word and press the space-bar key, it will automatically be transcribed in Hindi.

How does Hindi Typing Tool Work ?

With this tool, you type the English words, which are converted to words that have similar pronunciation in Hindi language. Using this tool to type in Hindi, you do not need to remember Hindi keyboard which is very complex and difficult to learn, Just enter the correct English word and get results in Hindi. As soon as you type a word, a suggested menu opens, allowing you to choose the right word, By pressing the 'SPACE' or 'ENTER' key resulted word will be shown in the text field. Our Hindi typing tool also helps you to write web pages in Hindi language, we provide various features that will help you to write documents, e-mails, letters and web-pages. To use special features, select the text and click on the icons shown in the Hindi Editor panel, the affected results will be displayed in the editor.

Instructions to use Hindi typing tool -

➤ Click on the Hindi editor, type any word in the text field and press the space key or enter key, the word will automatically be converted into phonetically similar Hindi word.

➤ No need to type exact spelling of the desired word, Hindi typing tool supports ambiguous phonetic mapping, just type the English word which has the same pronunciation in Hindi.

➤ Choose the correct Hindi word from the suggested word menu.

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If you are a skilled Hindi typist then why not try our Hindi keyboard tool to type in Hindi.

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